Think of this as a blog-style page where I will post updates on different projects.​​​​​​​
This is a little teaser of my Window Killer project and what it looks like as of now. Rendered in Unreal Engine 5 and animated in Maya.
This is an animatic for a short film/portfolio piece I'm working on. 
To get to this stage I have created storyboards and recorded animation reference that I have used for the animatic as well to get more realistic movement. Sound is also done by me and recorded using my phone.
I'm planning on putting everything in Unreal Engine 5 and create a moody environment with cool lighting. You can see one of the characters I made for this in the project below.
Scripted rig inspired by Richard Licos Animation Sherpa. I've made this to be able to re-use the same rig on different characters and even apply on top of baked animation instead of spending a lot of time on making a new rig every time. I'm not a tech animator so I'm pretty proud of making this and I think it will make my personal work a lot more interesting with the added freedom that comes from this tool!
WINDOW KILLER - 3D model made in blender
I'm not a modeller or 3D artist unless 3D animation counts but here's a project where I made a 3D model from scratch using blender and polycam.
The goal for this project was to learn how to make an original 3D character, both for myself to animate and also to understand and being able to create pipelines for 3D art.
Inspirations for this were Azusa Tojo, Alberto Mielgo and Sean Sevestre. They all have a doodly/painted look that I like and feels close to what I like to create while drawing.
I started off collecting reference material (should have added that in the video...) and then went on to make shapes as a reference for the proportions and what not. I sculpted the face and then did retopology even though I didn't need anything special for the look I was going for with painted/doodly textures but now I have a head I can modify for future characters. The clothes were pretty easy to create, I just box-modeled simple lowpoly clothes with the right edge flow and then subdivided them. Then came the hard part for me... I have never before made successful hair. I made the hair out of hair cards because I intend to put this character in a game engine later, it was tricky to get right but I'm pretty happy with how it came out all things considered. The shoes are actually just a 3D scan of my girlfriends shoe because I wanted to try that. I cleaned up the scan using Instant Meshes and that worked great for something quick!
GMTK Game Jam 2023 - Skip & Tutorialle
A game for GMTK's game jam! It's a challenge to make a game in 48 hours with a given theme, in this case the theme was "reversed roles"
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND we only had 48h and had to work as quickly as we could :)
We were a team of seven. I made animations in Maya and animation blueprints in Unreal Engine 5.
"Do you skip your tutorials in games? Have you considered your navigator's painstakingly hard work collecting and curating the most vital information for you?
In this adventure, you are not the hero.
You are the hero's guide.
Assess your sources and deliver quick and correct advice for your hero, before they die from recklessness. "
Try the game, check the credits and read user comments here:
Unreal Engine 4 locomotion state machine
I made this a while back when I was trying to learn how to make a locomotion state machine and I fell in love with what you can do with blend spaces. I'm most proud of the landing, you can both do a standing landing and a running one where the character kind of tripps! The animations were just made quickly to try out the locomotion and character model isn't finished but I'm still happy with the flow and how the character feels to control.
TANUKEY - Student game 2020
I Rigged both the player and enemy and animated them together with Lina Einebrant. This was the final game we made during The Game Assembly and the project where we had the most freedom.
CYBER RESCUE - Student game 2020
We made cutscenes where we had environments in unreal engine mixed with characters that were hand drawn on paper.
MAW - Student film 2018
Maw is a student film I directed during my second year at Sörängens folkhögskola in 2018. I Storyboarded the whole film and animated most of it. I got help with background art, sound, clean up and some animation from awesome classmates.
Max Larsson
Lina Einebrant 
Martin Hultman
Alexander Jansson
Alma Gren
Alfred Egnér
Isabelle Neuman
Linea Österberg
Ola Angelman
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