Thank you for looking at my portfolio!

I'm an animator with experience working with character and creature animation for games. I started my animation journey back in 2016 and have since learned a lot from awesome classmates and colleagues. I love animation because of the expression and storytelling aspects of it and also as a study of life. I love to draw and sketch for the same reason. To me being an animator is not just creating animations for a list of gameplay features and cinematics but to really explore characters, cinematic expression, how it feels to play, technical solutions and more.

I'm currently working as an animator at Star Stable Entertainment where I create animation for the player character, horses that you can ride and interact with, other animals like pets, NPCs and more.
For education I studied game animation at The Game Assembly in Malmö and animated film making at Sörängens Folkhögskola. 
During my education I worked on 4 animated short films, 3 of which I directed, 8 student games and 4 game jams.
4 short films and 12 games in total! I really think working on projects is the best way to learn.

I'm located in:
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